500BC Cacao - Hazelnut & Orange
500BC Cacao - Hazelnut & Orange

500BC Cacao - Hazelnut & Orange

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Orange and dark chocolate is a match made in heaven. Be swept away by the combination of hazelnut, Oranges and cacao nibs - the orange beautifully compliments the rich dark flavour of the cacao nibs. We use 100% of the orange. Did you know oranges are a superfood and is known to protect your cells from damage, helps your body make collagen, absorb iron and boosts your immune system? 

  • Dairy free
  • Ingredients: Cacao, hazelnuts, 100% of orange (yes including its orange zest), Erythritol, Inulin & 4% sugar
  • 50g Bar

Pro tip: Break up the bar and combine it with milk or hot water to create a blissful hot chocolate. For best results, froth the milk with the chocolate already inside the cup.

 Can chocolate that tastes this good be good for you???

Yes, cacao is packed full of nutrition and our 500BC is manufactured in a way that preserves all its goodness.


At 17Rocks we roast our beans low and slow. That enables us to remove bacteria, develop the beans chocolately flavour and maintain the nutritional benefits of the cacao butter. We sweeten the chocolate with Erythritol that offers a similar sweet taste to cane sugar, but it’s non-caloric and it does not raise blood sugar levels. We also add Inulin which is a prebiotic sweetener to add fibre and promote gut health.