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Drink & Shrink Tea

Drink & Shrink Tea

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Organic Loose Tea 15g

Forget low-calorie drinks. Drink our Hibiscus, Lemon verbena, Sencha green tea and Cornflower herbal tea blend to help you with weight loss! It significantly increases satiety and feelings of fullness. Drink this amazing tea daily for minimum of 3 months.

Directions: 1 tsp into 1 cup of hot water, steep covered for 10 min

Ingredients: Lemon verbena, Hibiscus, Sencha Green Tea, Cornflower

Only Certified Organic herbs are used in all our teas

We're not joking. 

The latest studies shown that combination of two herbs (Hibiscus and Lemon Verbena) decrease Gherlin - Orexigenic Hormone which makes you feel fuller and increase Anorexigenic Hormone which suppresses your appetite.  

Lemon Verbena is well known to ease colds and flu, helps with digestive discomfor as heartburn and is helpful for liver congestion by aiding the digestion of fat and has a cooling action on the liver.

We have added Sencha Green Tea to continue fat metabolisinng and Cornflower to regulate your bowel movement. 

Please check on Herb Drug interactions before ingesting our herbal tea blends.

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